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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Jail bars and orange jumpsuits aren’t what you probably ever imagined for your future. If you’re facing criminal charges, you need to take them as seriously as possible to avoid this from becoming your reality. 

Criminal defense law is a more than $18 billion business, which exemplifies just how critical it is to have a lawyer by your side. 

But how do you know when it’s time to hire a criminal defense lawyer? The tips below will explain in detail what you should know about when to get in touch with these attorneys to help with your case. 

1. Your Charges Are Serious

Immediately seek legal help if your charges are serious. Be particularly quick to hire solid representation if you’re facing a felony or a crime that can damage your reputation and future prospects. 

Waiting too long to get representation in these situations makes it more likely that you’ll incriminate yourself, take a bad deal, or fail to put together a successful defense. 

2. You Stand to Lose a Lot of Money

Legal services are also important if your charges stand to hurt you financially. There are many criminal charges that might not come with much or any jail time but have a significant fine. 

Hiring a lawyer can help protect you from this, so you can keep more money in your bank account. 

3. Your Legal Rights Are Being Infringed Upon

You absolutely need to hire a lawyer ASAP if you’ve been wronged in any way. A lawyer can protect you if your Constitutional rights were violated. They can also assist you if you believe that law enforcement failed to follow correct procedures. 

These attorneys are incredibly familiar with the West Virginia legal code and can defend your rights doggedly. 

4. A Plea Deal Is Possible

Get the help of a quality criminal defense attorney if a reasonable plea deal is possible. This is especially helpful if you don’t have any prior convictions and the prosecution is offering a plea deal that largely works in your favor. 

An attorney can help to negotiate and proffer this deal for you so that you minimize the damage or get the charges dismissed altogether. Hiring the best lawyer can also help you negotiate the best plea deal. 

5. Law Enforcement Is Investigating You

Finally, get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can if you’ve become the subject of a criminal investigation. Though no charges have been filed, this is a frightening experience that can make you paranoid. 

A lawyer can go on a fact-finding mission for you and make sure that your rights aren’t being trampled upon. Most importantly, they’ll let you know whether you can expect charges and can represent you in the criminal defense case. 

Work With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have the help of a criminal defense lawyer, so much of your legal battle gets easier. 

If you’re in the Charleston area and need legal help, the Cary Law Office is the firm that you need to turn to. Michael Cary is a renowned lawyer in the city that can provide the skillful, diligent, one-on-one legal service you need when you’re facing criminal charges. E-mail us, use our contact form, or call (304)804-6369 for more information. 

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