The internship at Cary Law Office will provide you with the ability to work directly in the courtroom and gain real world experience in the legal field. We believe that internships are a proven way to develop the skills necessary for your legal career. The internship experience provides each intern with the opportunity to build a strong foundation and truly develop the necessary skills to be a successful intern. Our goal is to provide you with the resources to become a more competitive candidate in an ever changing market.

We consider an internship to be the fundamental block to help you create and navigate the road map to your future career. Our internship will help you grow in the working environment and provide you with a professional setting to meet other individuals in the legal field.

Interns that successfully complete the program will receive a scholarship intended to pay for their entire KAPLAN LSAT course as they continue to pursue their dreams in the legal field. The overall internship experience is competitive and at times you will be asked to come in early and work late.  Throughout the internship you will learn the importance of integrity, commitment, teamwork, and respect.

We encourage you to fill out the internship application listed below.

Freshman year headshot
Meredith Suttle's internship experience

"During my internship with Mr. Cary, I have attended hearings, met with clients, learned legal concepts, and the basic operations of a firm. I have seen what a difference Mr. Cary was making in people’s lives. I have seen families restored after they had lost all hope. I found my passion in these cases, but I also cleared my perception of what an attorney is. An attorney should be impact not income driven. 

I am an annual recipient of the Miles C. Cary Scholarship. This scholarship will fund all necessary practice courses for the LSAT and any expenses before law school. Receiving the scholarship was a humbling experience, as the Cary family chose me to invest their resources in my development as a future lawyer. The scholarship is in honor of their father and his legacy. Therefore, being chosen because they believe in me was life changing. I am more than grateful for the opportunity to intern at Cary Law Office and know I will prepared as I begin law school and pursue my legal career." 

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