Garnished Wages Without Notification: Is It Legal?

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If your paycheck this period is a little bit light, there might be a reason for it. 

At any given time, roughly 1% of people are getting their wages garnished. These garnishments are often in significant amounts. Knowing the ins and outs of wage garnishments can help you figure out whether this was done rightfully or if you need to retain a lawyer to protect your interests. 

If you are dealing with garnished wages, it’s vital that you understand the law and how the process works. For instance, can you be subject to garnished wages without notification? The tips in this article will answer this and other questions. 

Wage Garnishments Usually Require a Court Order

In most situations, you will at least need to be notified by court order that your wages will potentially be garnished. This happens in civil court, and you’ll have the chance to respond and state your side of things. Even when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is attempting to garnish your wages, they must send you an intent to garnish or levy. 

Knowing how wage garnishments work will let you know when you are within your rights. This way, you can get protection from an attorney that specializes in these cases. 

Employers May Not Have to Notify You

In terms of notifications, your employer might not have to notify you that your wages are being garnished. States have different laws, so find out whether employers in your state are required to notify you or not. 

If you believe that your wages have been garnished, reach out to the company’s Human Resources (HR) department to find out for sure. Look into the line items of your paycheck for any discrepancies. 

Understand How Garnished Wages Work

After the other party gets a court order, they will then file to garnish your wages. They have to figure out where you work or bank, and can then file a notice. 

From there, the other party will be able to garnish a percentage or dollar amount of your wages each pay period or month. This will be taken out of your paycheck automatically. 

Get the Help of a Professional

The only way to protect your rights and interests is by getting the assistance of local legal professionals who can assist you. You’ll need the help of a law firm that specializes in various consumer finance matters. 

Make sure that they are state-bar-certified, and find out where they went to law school and how long they have been practicing. 

Understanding Garnished Wages Without Notification

So, can you be subject to garnished wages without notification? The tips above can steer you in the right direction. Now that you have a better understanding of the law, you are more likely to protect your rights and handle these situations accordingly. 

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