The Collateral Consequences of a DUI Can Last for Decades

For many people dealing with arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, controlled substances, or drugs, the primary concern is usually terms of imprisonment and fines. It is important for people facing DUI charges to understand many of the collateral consequences of a conviction, and a Charleston DUI defense attorney can help you manage many of the obstacles you might face.

The West Virginia University Office of Wellness and Health Promotion notes that DUI convictions can prevent people from joining the military or getting a government or civil service job. The West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) also reports that 22 percent of alleged impaired drivers in West Virginia received a license revocation and ignition interlock restrictions within the first six months of elimination of its administrative license revocation process.

Job Difficulties Following a DUI

Many job applications will ask applicants to disclose criminal convictions. Even when you do not admit to a DUI, chances are good that a DUI will appear when an employer performs a basic background check.

Several companies will refuse to hire any person with a DUI because it is evidence of a crime for a job application. An employer may have a code of conduct policy in which a criminal record creates insurance liability issues.

Ability to Find a Place to Live After a DUI

It will generally be in your best interest to be forthright with a landlord about your DUI rather than them learning about it through a background check, which they are certain to run. Being honest can work in your favor in most cases, but there may be landlords that are still nervous about renting to a person with a DUI conviction.

One major factor might be whether your DUI offense was a misdemeanor or a felony because some landlords refuse to rent to people with felony convictions. The amount of time since a DUI arrest can be another important factor, as people seeking places to live many years after a DUI arrest will have better chances than those who were recently convicted.

Professional Program Eligibility Issues After a DUI

A variety of professional programs exist for people to apply to, but a DUI can complicate your ability to enter such programs. Whether you are seeking a program relating to law, medicine, or accounting, a DUI can be a major negative on your application.

A DUI can obviously be completely separate from your pursuit of a professional program but may still be held against you. The standard background check will reveal a DUI arrest, and administrators may determine that it constitutes a violation of the program requirements.

Getting Professional Licenses After a DUI

You need to understand that many licensing agencies can view DUI arrests as being indicative of a substance abuse issue. They may also think that a conviction is a breach of trust that the licensing agency wants all of its professionals to maintain.

In many cases, you will have to report your DUI to the appropriate agency responsible for your license, and it will open its own independent investigation. Depending on the rest of your criminal record, a DUI might be seen as indicative of a pattern of unlawful behavior constituting a reason for license suspension. 

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